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New to RS Sailing?

New to RS? Tips to help you get going | RS500 Class Association

Join our Social Media

Our social media groups all help you get in touch with RS sailors.  Most classes use facebook as the main means of communication between sailors, but some use the forum and yahoo groups too.  See the 'Contact' tab at the top of this page for details for this class.

If you're looking for advice on which club to sail at, setting up tips, 2nd hand boats, and for double-handed classes, sailing partners, this is the place to start. You don't have to be a current RS sailor to join the groups.

Contact a Class Committee Member

Our class committees are very approachable and can help with all sorts of things, including making sure you have someone to go to at your first event.  See the contact tab to get in touch with them.

Come to an event

All of our coaching, regional and National events are published on the calendar and open to all. Do let a  committee member know you are coming and they can introudce you to sailors, help with set-up etc.

Join the Class Association!

Of course, we would say that, but seriously - you'll get 10% off Noble Marine Insurance, special discounts from RS Sailing and a host of other benefits, meaning that you'll easily get your money back. Plus you'll get the regular FastNews updates with details of events, coaching, merchandising, special deals etc.  Full membership, One-Event Memebership and Cluib Sailor options available. See the membership tab for full details.


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