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Allen RS500 European Championship Acquafresca YC

  • RS500 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018
  • RS500 Eurocup, YC Carnac, May 2018

The third day of racing in the RS500 European championships started very early in the morning.

The first warning signal was scheduled for 8:25, the fleet was met with 16knots from the north with the majority of the breeze in the centre of lake Garda (not the cliffs for a change). Three British boats lead the way around the windward mark with Ivo Tedbury and Piran Tedbury in GBR 606 leading the way. The finish saw Brian and Alex in GBR 799 come through to finish 1st followed by Filippo and Veronica in ITA 810, Prian and Ivo in GBR 606 managed to hold on to third.


Race two followed immediately after but this time the Italians stole a march reaching the windward mark first, Brian and Alex came back to take the win after some close racing followed by ITA 812 in second and ITA 810 in third.

The committee attempted a third race but the wind promptly died in time for a very civilized lunch.

The afternoons racing saw 10 - 12 knots from the south, the third race was a close affair but the Italians upset the form, with first place going to ITA 810, second to GBR 799 and third to ITA 811. The tricky conditions continued into the 4th race but GBR799 held out and took the win followed by ITA 810 in second and ITA 800 in third.

With 1 race to go and only two discards for the series Brian and Alex in GBR 799 have won the very first RS500 European championships. Over night second and third are held by ITA 810 and ITA 811 respectively but that could all change tomorrow as there are no more discards to come and both boats have heavy discards.

The last race is scheduled for tomorrow and there are still places to play for…

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