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Scottish Championships

    JP Watersports RS200 Scottish Championships at East Lothian Yacht Club


    Report by Alan Lennox

    Thirteen Scottish boats were joined by two northern English boats for the RS200 Scottish Championships at East Lothian Yacht Club on the 7/8 June. The Saturday of was unfortunately a let-down, due to high winds preventing the fleet leaving the beach. Thankfully before the rain arrived but not before a laugh was had by all, as a few Skiff’s ventured out for a play.


    Racing was brought forward to 09:55 on the Sunday, and the fleet were greeted with light winds and sunshine. After a short postponement the first race was started in light breeze, after the first lap a shift triggered the committee to abandon the first race. The second race was started with the same light breeze, and the fleet spread out upwind generally taking the left hand side in an attempt to get out of the increasing tide. The downwind leg was dominated by a shift, Bess and Andrew Homer made the most of it with Allan and Amy Lennox in close pursuit. The third race was subject to the same light and shifty wind, with half the fleet working their way to the windward mark up the middle and the other aiming for breeze on the right hand side. This strategy proved successful and Martin Faulkner and Bill Forsyth were first round the windward mark, the fleet continued downwind until a windshift necessitated dropped of kites and beating to the finish.


    With the North-easterly sea breeze battling the gradient South-westerly, the race officer finished racing for the weekend. Allan and Amy Lennox had however done enough to be crowned Scottish Champions for 2014 and walked away with the trophy. Bess and Andrew Homer put in a solid performance to finish second with Phil/Naomi Smith from Bassenthwaite Sailing Club third. With a great turnout from all over the country the Scottish boats are looking forward to the one day event at Prestwick sailing club on 21 June and the Eurocup event at Garda.

    Rank Class SailNo HelmName CrewName Club Tally R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Total Nett
    1st RS200 645 Allen Lennox Amy Lennox Aberdeen & Stonehaven Y.C. 65 2 2           4 4
    2nd RS200 866 Bess Homer Andrew Homer Loch Tummel Sailing Club 16 1 4           5 5
    3rd RS200 1369 Phil Smith Naomi Smith Bassenthwaite Sailing Club 29 3 3           6 6
    4th RS200 600 Fiona Rigg Ashly Martin East Lothian Yacht Club 44 5 6           11 11
    5th RS200 930 Martin Faulkner Bill Forsyth Largs Sailing Club 45 11 1           12 12
    6th RS200 942 Stuart Teasdale Kirsty Teasdale   51 4 8           12 12
    7th RS200 809 Chris Perry Kirsty Lytton Aberdeen & Stonehaven Yacht Club 14 9 5           14 14
    8th RS200 777 Douglas Paton Vicky Simpson Fairlie Yacht Club 46 7 7           14 14
    9th RS200 1203 Gavin MacKinnon Findlay MacKinnon Dalgety Bay Sailing Club 19 6 9           15 15
    10th RS200 820 David Gebhard Jackie Gebhard Derwent Reservoir Sailing Club 53 8 11           19 19
    11th RS200 1281 Neil Manderson Alice Meaden Helensburgh Sailing Club 10 12 10           22 22
    12th RS200 1405 Jude Baird Fred Fuller Loch Ryan Sailing Club 30 10 12           22 22
    13th RS200 911 Ditta Rose Phil Rose Aberdeen & Stonehaven Y.C. 18 14 13           27 27
    14th RS200 1393 Stuart Moss Ruaridh Moss Largs Sailing Club 6 13 14           27 27
    15th RS200 1027 Tim Jones Carol Jones Fisherow Yacht Club 13 15 15           30 30
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