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10/06/2017 21:15:51

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Dear all,
I have been recently competing in a short, informal regatta on a RS 500 against a Hobie 16.
I know that the two boats are hard to compare and that my question may not be well-posed and difficult to answer, but I was wondering whether you had an idea of which one should be considered intrinsically 'favored' on the other. 
Here is some additional information: 
- RS 500: mylar main sail and mylar jib, no spinnaker. 
- Hobie 16: dacron main sail, dacron jib + spinnaker
Thank you 

12/06/2017 08:06:34

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I race in Hong Kong and my RS500 is based at a club where we are the only competing monohull.  When we do take part in races its against a mix of formula and hobie cats, and under a handicap system.  
Since its a catamaran club, they use the SCHRS (catamaran equivalent of PY).  The Hobie 16s would also not use a gennaker since I believe it's not race legal.  The next part sounds very technical but should be quite simple.  The RS500 has a SCHRS rating of 1.443 (converted from PY) while Hobie 16 has 1.193.  This is in a ratio of time going around a course and the higher the number, the slower the boat.  This would mean that the RS500 should be around 25% slower than Hobie 16s.
In practice, this remains fairly accurate.  Under handicap we manage to win most of our races by a decent but not huge amount of time.  However, by line honours, a Hobie 16 would win.  During the upwind leg, the RS 500 would lose ground (even on handicap terms).  However, in my experience the RS 500 would keep up and even sometimes catch up to the Hobie 16s once the gennaker is out (on both line honours and handicap).  
Overall, the RS 500 is slower than the Hobie 16, and this is quite noticeable once the wind picks up.  However, if the race has a handicap system, then the RS 500 can win.  
Hope this helps,

12/06/2017 09:16:43

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Dear Cedric, 
Thank you for the very nice and clear answer, this helps indeed.
In our race, the Hobie 16 lost ground in the upwind leg, and catched up against the RS in the downwind leg. But again, the RS had no spinnaker, while the Hobie 16 did, so I guess the situation is different from yours. 
I can see the 1.193 rating for the Hobie 16 in the SCHRS scheme here http://www.schrs.com/ratings.php , but I cannot find a source for the 1.443 rating of the RS 500. May you please tell me where to find it? 
Thank you!

12/06/2017 10:49:09

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That makes sense then.  I believe the Hobie also has a SCHRS with a kite but not too sure.  

SCHRS is only for cats though, so you won't find it for the RS 500.  However you can usually convert to SCHRS by dividing PY by approximately 675 (which actually makes a SCHRS of 1.441 not 1.443 as per my reply above).  If I'm not wrong both the RS 500 and Hobie 16 have a PY number.  It's just that my club uses SCHRS since it's mostly cats there (plus in my opinion it's also fairly accurate).  Otherwise PY might work quite nicely, though I've never used it.

16/06/2017 14:11:27

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I found the conversion table from SHRS to PY here http://www.schrs.com/pylookalike.php indeed, where you can also find the conversion rate for both a Hobie 16 with and without spinnaker.
Thank you for your help!

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